Sales Team

Sales Team

With all the demands and pressures in the life sciences market, the sales person is the first and sometimes only face to the prescriber. Sales representatives need to turn the questions into opportunities, but only when armed with accurate and actionable intelligence.

Maximizing Opportunities

Life sciences companies are facing increased pressure and scrutiny of drug pricing from governing bodies, patient advocacy groups and healthcare providers. These stakeholders are demanding proof of performance to justify cost. This has put the burden on companies to gain access to information on clinical and patient outcomes, usage and reoccurrence to prove performance. But even when a sales person is able to step across the threshold of a clinic or physician’s office, he or she can be bombarded with questions on reimbursements, patient assistance programs and even special administrations of your product.

You want to have your sales team armed with information that teaches prescribers what to do when changing treatment regimens or how to talk to payers about outcomes.

And there are those times when, with limited resources and a small sales team, you need to rely on clinical data from an EHR to recognize changes in treatment plans or patterns in prescribing. At that time, you can deploy targeted messages directly to the prescriber, hoping to have him understand the value of your product.

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