Marketing Team

Marketing Team

Marketing is often defined as the team or function responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements - profitably. And it’s not done with intuition, but with information that drives insight into your product.

Optimizing your Marketing

Your product has launched, the initial marketing strategy and tactics have been deployed, now what? Are you wondering how long until you see prescribers adopting your product? Who else is out there challenging your claims? And how do you get information to improve your current position?

In the rapidly changing life sciences industry, maintaining an edge in predictive market insight can be the difference between leading with actionable intelligence or landing on the wrong side of trends.

Marketing teams need continual intelligence to identify and address the opportunities in the market. IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions’ significant analytical reach has data on more than 13.8 million specialty patients, giving you definitive drug market insight into sales trends and opportunities, usage and uptake realities, as well as prescribing patterns and behaviors. The end result? Improved forecasting. Better business decisions. And marketing plans that are targeted to meet those opportunities head on.

Through treatment management analytics, you can identify providers who treat rare conditions, while gaining insight into competitor product usage. You will even be able to see how a prescriber uses your product via drug sequencing, and develop targeted drug messages delivered to those specific physicians – optimizing your marketing spend.