Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

Every executive wants to understand the size of a product’s market and where the product stands. When in the clinical development stage you sometimes need to understand the current standard of care. We can provide that actionable intelligence.

A Partner to More Informed Decision Making

Unless you are one of dozens of individuals in senior leadership in a life sciences company, executives can be assigned multiple responsibilities – overseeing clinical development plans, managing the regulatory process, understanding the marketing and commercialization process, and developing a team to take the product to market.

You need a broad set of capabilities to get your product to market, ensure the execution of your brand strategy and take advantage of the opportunities in your segment. How do you trust that you are getting the information and analytics which help you make a more informed business decision?

You need to understand what kind of data is being offered. Do you need to understand the size of your market, where your product could be positioned among the competitors, your financial forecast and what your potential challenges could be with prescribers?

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions partners with life sciences companies to empower smarter brand performance through integrated patient care intelligence solutions:

  • Strategic business guidance to maximize your analytics investment while optimizing business outcomes
  • A research network of more than 1,000 specialty practices
  • Drug market insights into sales trends and opportunities, prescribing patterns and adherence
  • Patient care intelligence, giving you an unobstructed view into behaviors, markets and data that can drive better decision making