Brand Manager

Brand Manager

As the brand manager, you need to understand where your product is in the market at any time. Is it being adopted? In what segment is it being adopted? What is the patient profile for the drug currently being prescribed? IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions can provide actionable intelligence to your questions.

More Informed Decision Making

Tasked with creating strategies and tactics to take advantage of market opportunities, how can you be sure you are making a good business decision? Better decisions are based on timely information across multiple data sources.

With the numbers of reports available from IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions, you can look at de-identified patient profiles or reports based on diagnosis by line of therapy. To make your insight easier to visualize, there are tools where you can select your area of interest and filter down to the information you are looking for in a very interactive and graphical way.  

The advantage of leveraging data and analytics from IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions is our extensive reach, including patients from health systems and community-based practices nationwide.  This allows for better understanding of how patients are being treated nationwide for chemotherapy regimens and individual drugs.

The integrated patient care intelligence encompasses treatment analytics, drug utilization and profiling, payer analytics and contract performance analytics. In addition, IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions has drug sales trends and predictive market intelligence, all of which can help you to facilitate optimal targeting, segmenting and forecasting to ensure that your brand resonates with the prescribers.