Increase Market Opportunities

Driven by Market Access

Life science companies realize it’s no longer just about marketing and sales. A major shift has taken place. The commercialization model now is driven by market access. Barriers–like proving the product’s value–stand in the way to access.

Pressure to Attain Opportunities

As the market for specialty pharmaceuticals has become more lucrative, companies have naturally responded by moving into key therapeutic areas, such as urology, rheumatology and oncology. The result has been a dramatic increase in clinical development pipelines. This has put an incredible pressure on companies to move quickly, as many markets exhibit advantages for early entrants due to the new product’s potential to significantly raise the efficacy standard. The “me-too” products have a much more difficult time getting placement on formularies or proving the better value for reimbursements.

Together with the increasing payer and regulatory demands, often mandating what physicians can prescribe, companies face the constant pressure to demonstrate better health outcomes.

With actionable data from thousands of healthcare providers, representing more than 6.7 million administrations of drug therapy in oncology alone, IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions supplies timely drug sales trends with market comparisons, as well as market opportunities and threats. The analytics facilitate optimal targeting, segmenting and forecasting of practices, allowing you to make more informed business decisions.

In addition, life sciences companies with products in development can benefit from access to qualified patient populations required for clinical trials and research. Our research network provides community-based access through a centralized process that opens the door to study awareness, feasibility and communication. Drawn from relationships with more than 1,000 specialty practices, our network capabilities give you the trusted and qualified connections you need for real-world evidence augmentation, adding reach, breadth and efficiency to the data-rich, competitive necessity of clinical research.

You need to understand your market’s challenges and appropriately act to take advantage of the opportunities. With IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions’ ability to provide longitudinal data, you can convert that information into action with better informed decisions.