Improve Financial Performance

Maintaining an Edge

In the rapidly changing life sciences industry, maintaining an edge in predictive market insight can be the difference in success and failure. Rapid adjustments require a business agility fueled by timely and actionable information.

Confidence in Your Decision Making

Success in the specialty healthcare market requires a robust appreciation of the value of real world data – data that informs, supports and initiates smart decision making. IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions understands that disparate intelligence requirements, from prescribing to usage patterns, to payer and regulatory trends, to the shifting dynamics of the drug market require a holistic approach to analytics implementation and support to maintain a competitive, opportunity-driven advantage.

Life sciences companies benefit from our ability to aggregate and analyze substantial amounts of market information gathered from a variety of sources, including thousands of providers in healthcare institutions, academia and health systems, as well as community-based practices and specialty pharmacies. Our significant analytical reach provides us with insights on more than 13.8 million specialty patients, giving you definitive drug market insight into sales trends and opportunities, usage and uptake realities, as well as prescribing patterns and behaviors. Your end result? Better business decisions and confidence in the success of your product.

You also need efficient solutions for when your sales team, often with limited resources and budgets, cannot be in every office or healthcare facility every week. With analytics from IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions, you will know:
  • When treatments were given and at which location
  • Prescribing physician
  • Type of patient receiving the treatment
  • Dosage that was administered
  • Line of therapy

With this information you can evaluate your product’s marketing potential, optimize your marketing spend and target your sales force’s efforts. In addition, we will work with you to help you understand the business intelligence to make those better business decisions.