Empower Smarter Brand Performance

Guidance to Empower Smarter Brand Performance

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions provides strategic guidance to help you maximize your analytics investment while expanding your knowledge into patterns of prescribing, payer dynamics and regulatory changes. With real world data to help you identify ways to improve financial performance, increase market opportunities and enhance the quality of care, you will be ready for your next innovation.

Data to Inform, Support And Initiate Smart Decision Making

We know that specialty healthcare market success requires a robust appreciation of the value of real world data – data that informs, supports and initiates smart decision making. We also know that a holistic approach to analytics implementation and support are needed to maintain a competitive, opportunity-driven advantage. That’s what we do for your brand.

Maintaining that edge can make the difference between leading with actionable intelligence or landing on the wrong side of trends. Your business agility needs to be fueled by information. Yet that knowledge needs to come from several sources, not just survey-based data and claims information. Understanding prescribing patterns, treatment regimens and payer or regulatory trends which are drawn from relationships with more than 1,000 specialty practices, you can have the confidence to make better business decisions.

Our robust suite of analytics solutions and unparalleled depth of pharmaceutical, physician and patient insights give you competitive insights into treatment patterns, including:
  • When and where diseases are treated
  • Opportunities in underutilized provider segments
  • Physician-level and account-level insights
  • Marketing trigger events
With drug market insights and integrated patient care intelligence, you can make better decisions about your brand.

The promise of big data has been around for years, but understanding how to leverage that data is just as important. We provide proactive guidance that maximizes your analytics investment – helping you to find new ways to improve your financial performance, increase market opportunities and enhance the quality of patient care – all leading to empowering you to a smarter specialty brand performance.