Promotional Effectiveness and Assessment

Promotional Effectiveness and Assessment

Maintaining an edge in predictive market insights can be the difference between leading with actionable intelligence or landing on the wrong side of trends. Life sciences companies benefit from IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions’ ability to aggregate and analyze substantial amounts of market information.

Validating Your Market Impact

Our robust group of intelligence and data experts can help you interpret and analyze data to empower smarter specialty brand performance.

Using a case-control methodology, we can provide you with information on things like the level of change in physician behavior, utilization or even adoption based on the implementation of different tactics or solutions – down to the physician level.

We employ a number of marketing tactics that show measurable results:

  • Digital advertising direct to the practice
  • Print ads
  • Direct mail
  • Physician or patient education

Additionally, we have developed incremental approaches for gathering and reporting information that is a combination of both sales and clinical data.