Study Awareness and Communication

Study Awareness and Communication

Study awareness and changes in new study designs often present challenges in managing clinical research. AdvanceIQ Network will offer one central point of contact to disseminate information quickly and to provide the information necessary for all studies in which you are participating.

Increase Knowledge of Research Studies

One of the challenges in the management of clinical research is keeping up with the multitude of communications that occur around changes in a particular study. Specifics around new study designs, the closing of cohorts, updates on when a certain area has been fulfilled or studies that have stopped due to a safety committee ruling all make it difficult to manage. As a part of AdvanceIQ Network, you'll have a central point of contact who disseminates the information to participating practices quickly and efficiently, elevating their recognition of that information for all studies in which they are participating.

This equally addresses your ability to communicate and increase awareness to a broader environment within our customer base of network participants. If you request improvements in patient enrollment in a given study, we can communicate that more broadly and effectively to network participants as well as non-study participating sites, including those that may refer to participating sites within their geographic area.

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