Site Identification, Feasibility and Selection

Site Identification, Feasibility and Selection

Leverage AdvanceIQ Network to find practices treating patients who meet specific trial criteria. This not only enhances clinical trial matching and leverages new innovative trial recruitment solutions, but also increases patient access to the most advanced therapies and treatment strategies.

Facilitate Quicker Turnaround with a Streamlined Research Process

As part of AdvanceIQ Network, we provide value-add and commercially available software solutions that have comprehensive data and have the ability to conduct feasibility studies to determine which practice has the appropriate type of patient population for your particular study. Leveraging our EMR data sets and analytics solutions, we can then create specific targeting lists and utilize pre-defined selection criteria based on therapeutic options and identify a clinical trial opportunity for the patient at the point of care or decision-making process.

Clinical trial studies come with a set of study criteria for eligibility, including the exclusion criteria. Due to the depth of our data access associated with the participating practices, we have the opportunity to streamline and identify available patients for immediate enrollment and target specific practices that treat that type of patient. We can then provide feedback as to how fast that type of study can be conducted.

We also provide input at the beginning of study design, leveraging key opinion leaders and experts from within the network to validate the study design and the inclusion/exclusion criteria. We then utilize that criteria and our data access to generate a targeted set of practices for participation. Once practices agree to participate, we can then provide them with listings of patients that they can immediately consider for study enrollment.

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