Real-World Evidence Augmentation

Real-World Evidence Augmentation

Real-world evidence studies and pragmatics trials provide you with aggregated data to help you understand your patient population and how patients are being treated today. AdvanceIQ Network provides you with enhanced data elements and patient insights to expand your research.

Identify Longitudinal Patient Information

One benefit of collaborating with the AdvanceIQ Network is the ability to access longitudinal patient records across multiple care settings. As a result, you will be able to identify sets of patients for which you would like to gather additional data elements or data points to further your research. Through that process, we can work directly with practices using different types of technology to collect that information and link it to those longitudinal patient records.

As a part of AmerisourceBergen, we have the ability to coordinate with other business units to incorporate existing activities that you may be working on with them and leverage our network to strengthen your study. This relationship also means we can bring new solutions to the specialty environment and incorporate those pieces of data into real world evidence, allowing us the flexibility to work strategically with your needs and align with our implementation.

Over the years we have worked closely with our partners to identify the type of insights that they want to see and will continue to do so with AdvanceIQ Network. We will directly engage with the medical affairs and research & development teams within your organization to better understand key data that you require for your research activities and determine how to incorporate them into our data collection process to offer you enhanced insights to create greater efficiencies in your clinical trial process.

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