Projection Methodology

Projection Methodology

Utilize nationally representative data to project the number of cancer patients in the US who are being treated with individual drugs and/or regimens.

Influence Drug Adoption and Utilization

Our unique approach to projecting drug adoption and utilization starts with a holistic view of real longitudinal patient and physician data, such as unique prescribing patterns of the physician and size of the patient population your drug is being used to treat. Through that, we apply parameters such as age, gender, disease, stage, biomarkers and line of therapy to allow insights into the current patterns of national drug usage.

We have advanced our projection methodology approach to be more sensitive to the complexities and variations in cancer care. This allows us to better address smaller tumors as well as the inclusion of attributes that affect the adoption of a drug or the utilization based on the patient and physician characteristics. This level of accuracy allows us to project within an individual condition across and within subpopulations with a precise level of assessment and confidence around those estimates.

Our projection methodology will allow you to more accurately evaluate your market opportunities from pre-launch through the commercial life of your drug.