3 Reasons Why Today’s Healthcare Data May Be Limiting Your View of Your Drug’s Market Potential

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It is estimated that there will be approximately 25,000 petabytes of healthcare data available by the year 2020. Contrast that to the estimated 5,000 petabytes of healthcare data available in 2012. This developing access to healthcare data will, no doubt, lead to advances in science and improve health outcomes, but doing so depends upon continued advances in the management, organization and integration of data so that it can yield comprehensive insights. Learn three reasons why today’s wealth of healthcare data is complicating the business planning process for life sciences companies.

Delivering Differentiated Clinical Education to Practices

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In a previous working environment, Life Sciences companies had large sales teams who traveled extensively and could spend hours in the office with healthcare providers, understanding their patient mix and discussing the utilization and benefits of specific products. Times have changed. Recent studies have shown that one in four interactions with salespeople have been replaced by digital interactions1 and physicians now educate themselves via tailored websites or materials specific to a product. So how do you deliver differentiated clinical education to practices?

The Evolution of Cancer

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As far back as the first centuries, “the ancients recognized that there was no curative treatment once a cancer had spread, and that intervention might be more harmful than no treatment at all.1” Physicians continued to study cancer with a multitude of reasons why cancer occurred – from issues with lymph systems to chronic irritation to hormonal imbalances.

The Complexities of Immunotherapy

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Immunotherapy treatments are very complicated, beyond the basic definition of using the patient’s immune system to fight off a disease like cancer. Depending on the treatment, some therapies work to boost the immune system, others train the immune system to attack the specific cancer cells and others genetically modify the patient’s own cells to help attack the cancer cells.

Rapid Advancements in Immunotherapy

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Immunotherapy markets are predicted to rise rapidly over the next five years – with one group forecasting the market to be $34 billion in 2024 (Global Data) and another projecting $75.8 billion by 2022 (GBI Research).1 The markets are unpredictable as technologies in immunotherapy are rapidly evolving.

Moving Toward More Targeted Treatments in Specialty Care

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The care of cancer patients has changed dramatically over the past decade – personalized medicine is no longer just an idea being discussed. With immunotherapy and treatments targeted at specific gene markers, Life Sciences companies are moving rapidly to try to introduce new therapies to the market.

Yet with the increased number of clinical trials, how do the sponsors find an adequate number of patients in those subpopulations?

When is Longitudinal Data Important to Life Sciences Companies?

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Life Sciences companies understand that longitudinal data will supply their brand teams with data to support their business decisions for a successful commercialization. The time-dimensioned and sequential relationships of longitudinal patient care intelligence reveal powerful insights into the drug therapy use and unmet needs of specifically-targeted patients - insights that lead to success. 

Practical Insights for Cell and Gene Therapy Commercialization

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Cell and gene therapies offer tremendous clinical promise along with immense commercial complexity. Innovators must overcome unprecedented challenges to develop highly customized solutions ... often reinventing approaches to commercialization planning. But where do they start? What pitfalls do they need to sidestep? What best practices exist in this developing market?

Understanding Data's Value to Specialty Products

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With the focus on value-based reimbursements, especially for specialty products, life sciences companies need to rely heavily on real-world data to show health outcomes and demonstrate the value of their brands. That kind of data will not come solely from claims or sales. And with patients under specialty care, the final outcomes may not be positive, making the effectiveness of treatment more important.

Five Oncology Trends Impacting the Patient Experience

5/1/2017 2:08:33 PM

In this five-chapter series Oncology Trends Impacting the Patient Experience, experts from AmerisourceBergen explore new challenges to product access, optimized clinical outcomes and commercial success and offer strategic recommendations for how pharmaceutical manufacturers can support prescribers and patients through the continuum of cancer care.

What Does Interoperability Mean to Patient Health?

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Despite years of discussion and initiatives designed to improve interoperability in healthcare, not much progress has been seen.  A set of industry standards for data elements would be almost impossible to implement, as it would require healthcare providers, payers, agencies and vendors to change current systems, reconstructing data models at a cost of millions, if not billions, of dollars.

HHS Institutes Ruling for More Transparency in Clinical Trials

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Recently the Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) issued a final rule specifying more expansive rules and stiffer penalties for those who conduct clinical trials, requiring the registration of certain clinical trials and submitting summary results information to  The ruling will apply to FDA-regulated drugs, biologicals and devices, and will become effective on January 1, 2017.

The Changing Business Model

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Life Science business models have changed.  Sales and marketing teams used to have to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficacy of a drug with clinical trial data and target physicians and practices to deliver those messages while dropping off sales samples. Pew Charitable Trust noted in one report that the pharmaceutical industry spent more than $24 billion on marketing to physicians in 2012.

Medication Adherence – What Data is Available to Provide Insight into Non-Compliance?

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When medications are not taken or refilled, pharmaceutical manufacturers are losing out on millions in revenue. But having poor compliance affects more than the drug companies. Patients are at risk to end up sicker or complicating their disease treatment, driving up hospitalizations or more extensive treatments.  Poor adherence to medication leads to increased morbidity and death and is estimated to incur costs of approximately $100 billion per year.

Pharmaceutical Companies Need Data to Improve Product Access and Utilization

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We are in a data-driven world.  Retail organizations use data and algorithms from social media sites in order to create targeted messages based on your browsing history.  Healthcare is no different.