Predictive Market Intelligence

Predictive Market Intelligence

Based on your unique business and clinical needs, CustomANALYTICS provides a range of insights, such as drug utilization trends, sales opportunities and potential competitive threats to your product. The result: greater potential to identify opportunities for product differentiation and expansion.

Forecast Usage and Uptake Trends

Utilizing a custom selection of our proprietary data sources and types, our CustomANALYTICS solutions leverage a consultative, proactive, solution-oriented approach to give insight into prescribing patterns to improve usage and uptake of your drug. All data are standardized to your definitions and transformed to allow for disease-specific attributes and metrics, giving you the confidence you need in the results.

  • Identify sites and physicians with the most opportunity to benefit from a product by understanding their existing patient population and treatment decisions
  • Characterize the scale of treatment opportunity by analyzing treatment volumes, durations and dosing
  • Quickly identify competitive threats to your product to help mitigate any potential impact to your product franchise

Our CustomANALYTICS solution can provide a historical look back to assess the current state of your product and enhance baseline segmentation and targeting. A weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual physician-level analysis will give you insight into trend points of prescribing patterns at the physician and practice level.

Understand Prescribing Behavior and Patterns

Opportunity and Risk Assessment is a custom analysis that combines metrics on how recently, how often and how much product they purchased and/or used. Go beyond your product and effectively evaluate competitive products and product predictors to help develop meaningful targeting and segmenting tools. Increase promotion success and empower your business to spend your budget in the right way and on the right customers.

Utilizing our Opportunity and Risk Assessment, you will have visibility into what type of customers buy what products and when.