Drug Utilization Trends

Drug Utilization Trends

Understanding the potential markets for your oncology product or pipeline of products is essential to your success. With IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions’ MarketTREND, you will have access to analytics based on the aggregation of real-world patient treatment data from community-based oncology practices. By leveraging an easy-to-use business intelligence tool, you will be able to quickly answer your key business questions around product adoption and utilization.

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With access to real-time line of sight into rapidly changing markets, you can gain insights into the utilization of your product within a competitive context, ultimately supporting business decisions to optimize your product’s success. With MarketTREND, you will have the benefit of:

  • Customizable market queries and graphic outputs that can answer key business questions
  • Insights into patient volume or tumor-specific market share across community-based practices
  • Timely information, including weekly trends of overall use and new patient starts
  • Early insight into changes in treatment patterns

In the highly competitive oncology market, you need visibility into market dynamics and product utilization to ensure that you are making the most-informed strategic business decisions to optimize your product’s commercial success.