Market Research

Market Research

As a market researcher, you are heavily involved with financial projections and need to understand that the forecast aligns with where your company is trying to go. To do that, you need data across a number of market segments.

Insights Into the Specialty Market

Life sciences companies need a strong understanding of the patient journey and their physicians. As a market researcher, you need to aggregate and analyze substantial amounts of intelligence – from usage and uptake information, prescribing patterns and where your product fits in today’s competitive market. Leadership expects the market research team to have a complete picture that can be segmented by attributes and provide the confidence they are making more informed decisions.

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions’ robust suite of clinically specific analytics solutions provides an unparalleled depth of pharmaceutical, physician and patient intelligence. Armed with data on nearly 2 million specialty patients, our proprietary projection methodology maps data from sources across the healthcare market to ensure consistency across disparate fields and standardizes and integrates the information into actionable intelligence.

Through the extensive resources and reach of the AmerisourceBergen portfolio, you will receive the strategic guidance you need to help you improve financial performance, increase market opportunities and enhance the quality of care, empowering your success.