Integrated Intelligence

Navigating the complexities of the specialty healthcare market requires accurate, actionable intelligence. With the insights from RefineIQ, you can access data insights specific to your needs – whether it’s financial, clinical or operational data from healthcare entities nationwide.

Empowering Smarter Specialty Brand Performance

With the increasing pressures from payers to prove your drug’s performance and efficacy, as well as pressures from healthcare providers and patient advocacy groups, you need a partner who can provide actionable data and analytics from millions of specialty patients. With IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions’ analytics, we can empower a smarter specialty brand performance. From product strategies to formal performance strategies, we provide proactive guidance that maximizes your analytics investment.

Our level of integration is what differentiates us. Whether it’s community-based practices and clinics, hospitals and health systems, or academic settings, we receive data from a number of sources and software solutions. We pair that data with the extensive resources and reach of the solutions of AmerisourceBergen’s portfolio to connect with the behavioral activities of healthcare providers. Through the process, we abstract, map and de-identify that data with a proprietary methodology that allows us to uniquely understand the type of patient and who the patient’s providers are at the time of care.

Part of our process is to carefully de-identify that private health information, all while mapping those inconsistencies across different data sources. It’s those algorithms—developed over nearly two decades—which provide the consistency and timeliness of our analytics. Because we process more than 500,000 business rules as data is received, there is very little need for manual intervention.

With our advanced projection methodologies, utilizing real world data instead of survey data, we address the unique needs associated with rare conditions.

Those capabilities and years of experience are why IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions is empowering smarter specialty brand performance through integrated patient care intelligence.