Enhance Quality Care

Clinically Specific Analytics Solutions

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions’ robust suite of clinically specific analytics solutions provides an unparalleled depth of pharmaceutical, physician and patient intelligence, giving you an unobstructed view into treatment patterns, underutilized markets, physician and account level insights, as well as marketing trigger events.

Clinical Insight Empowers Smarter Decision Making

The pressure to demonstrate the value of costly products is escalating rapidly. Life sciences companies are facing increased scrutiny over drug pricing from governing bodies, patient advocacy groups and healthcare providers as those stakeholders demand proof of performance to justify the cost. You need intelligence surrounding patient outcomes, usage, reoccurrence and clinical decisions to demonstrate performance and potential effectiveness of your products.

The analytics provided by IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions represent more than 6.7 million administrations of drug therapy and national EMR data from more than 4400 oncologists and 750,000 cancer patients, as well as over 6.6 million patient records from more than 2100 urologists. It’s this window into physician and patient intelligence that provides you with unparalleled insights. In addition, we have access to a depth of partnerships through AmerisourceBergen – from commercialization and drug market insights, technology-captured clinical and business data, and robust group purchasing organization (GPO) membership data.

Through treatment analytics, you will have the ability to identify providers who treat rare conditions, while also gaining insight into competitor product usage and treatment sequencing. Through the use of drug utilization and profiling analytics, the ability to have unequivocal knowledge of practice-level usage behavior can identify dosing patterns, poor toxicity management and duration of therapy data. Our integrated analytics solutions can provide you with predictive modeling, mitigate reimbursement challenges and drill down into cost drivers at the condition, patient, physician and hospital level.

Through contract performance analytics, we can evaluate contract feasibility and clinically oriented opportunities, leading to more targeted marketing expenditures and greater segment success. The collective power of our integrated, clinically specific solutions renders a singular result where it matters most – enhancing the access to quality patient care.