Customizable Analytic Portfolio

Customizable Analytic Portfolio

Your business objectives do not necessarily match any other life sciences company’s.  We understand that.  You need accurate, actionable intelligence based on your own brand’s needs.  From product strategies to formal strategies that improve performance, IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions will provide proactive guidance that maximizes your analytics investment.

An Analytics Portfolio Designed with Your Needs in Mind

Analytics needs change depending on your stage in the product life cycle.

  • You have different requirements when you are the first product of its type to go on the market. Maybe you need to understand how it will work in a practice setting or what physician uptake might be.
  • If you represent a mature product, what might be the opportunities to increase market share?

Our client services team will work with you to find answers across the portfolio of solutions offered by IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions. We want to ensure you make sound business decisions and have the intelligence to back up those decisions.

Our significant analytical reach provides us with data on more than 13.8 million specialty patients, giving you definitive drug market insights into sales trends and opportunities, usage and uptake realities, as well as prescribing patterns and behaviors. The end result? Improved forecasting.  Better business decisions. And, confidence in the success of your product.