Community-Based Research Access

Community-Based Research Access

Access to a large network of community-based practices and associated data assets will help identify appropriate sites to participate in your particular study. AdvanceIQ Network’s reach of specialty providers will optimize your investment and market availability of clinical research.

Access to a Wide Portfolio of Practices

Our depth and breadth of the types of community specialty practices within our network will provide you with a variety of practices that want to participate in research activities. With a customer base of more than 55 percent of community oncology practices and greater than 35 percent of urology practices, we can connect you directly to the point of care to identify potential clinical trial patients faster and more efficiently.

Our network will grow into other specialties based on the demands of our study sponsors. We look forward to expanding into areas such as rheumatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology and ophthalmology. We will work with you to help target the right resources to meet your needs and expand into other specialties and practices for inclusion in the network.

We evaluate the practices that participate in AdvanceIQ Network by conducting research evaluations on the number of different types of research studies available and determine if they qualify for each of those. Once established, we can then leverage their data on specific disease stage to maximize your research investment.

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