Centralized Contract Management

Centralized Contract Management

Save time and streamline the process for participating in clinical research. AdvanceIQ Network will provide you with centralized contract management oversight and administration, including payment management, to speed up the process of clinical research.

Expand More Rapidly Into Clinical Trials

Utilizing a centralized contract management process, AdvanceIQ Network will provide you with greater consistency of expectations of the practices, allowing you to be able to expand more rapidly into clinical trials.

As a result of this centralized process, we can streamline your research activities by having:

  • Master services agreements and study-specific statements of work
  • Standardized rate cards
  • Predetermined rate cards

Study contracting and startup is a very time-consuming activity and generally takes a combination of internal staff as well as those within a CRO to be able to incorporate practices to participate in clinical research. AdvanceIQ Network speeds up that process and provides you with a single point of negotiation on the study and one primary point of contact for contracts. Additionally, because our network helps identify practices treating patients who meet specific trial criteria, we can then contract with them directly and reduce the time it takes to start the research process.

For more information on how you can become part of AdvanceIQ Network, email advanceiq@intrinsiq.com.