Longitudinal Treatment Analytics

Longitudinal Treatment Analytics

Knowledge of drug therapy use and market potential is critical to successful commercialization. You need the accurate, actionable information of TreatmentFLOW which chronicles treatment progression and provides knowledge of the disease with insights into:
  • Longitudinal patterns of care among drug-treated patients
  • Market potential of specifically targeted populations
  • Areas of unmet drug treatment needs
  • Optimal sales and marketing strategies

Increase Knowledge of Drug Therapy Use

Combining analytically prepared real-world data with an intuitive Excel-based interface, TreatmentFLOW provides you with the quantitative market metrics critical to your business planning. It enables you to customize your findings for assessing market opportunities such as:

  • Identifying under-penetrated, key treated and untreated patient populations for developing forecasting models
  • Monitoring competitive market trends, revealing how they are impacting your forecasting models and driving potential business opportunities
  • Understanding not only how your custom market is built upon a mix of patient-, prescriber- and site-dependencies but also your competitor’s
  • Providing your team with immediate access to critical quantitative market metrics tailored for their business planning
  • Creating impactful presentations for your internal clients with insightful charts and graphics designed by you and powered by the industry’s most authoritative source on oncology drug markets

Clients with Phase II to Post-launch drugs adapt TreatmentFLOW to track evolving competition of their cancer drug markets through a custom strategic lens. As an Excel-based tool providing immediate access to an analysis of longitudinal patient treatment, TreatmentFLOW will: