Drug Utilization and Profiling Analytics

Drug Utilization and Profiling

Drug approvals, framed by increasingly targeted criteria, have made contextual, complete and substantial data a critical need in business planning. Understand adoption of new products and evaluate market dynamics for business development opportunities with insights from PrecisionIQ.

PrecisionIQ enables you to access real-time, secure longitudinal oncology treatment information through the synthesis of emerging data resources and our flagship chemotherapy management solution - IntelliDose.

Understand Dosing Patterns, Toxicity Management and Duration of Therapy

Combining more than 100 national patient-level projection factors, the latest physician data sources that accurately reflect how cancer patients are treated and advanced statistical methods, PrecisionIQ estimates the number of chemotherapy-treated patients in the U.S. population who are being treated with individual drugs and/or regimens. Understand physician behavior, such as under-dosing, toxicity management and drug cycle utilization, for real-world clinical intelligence to better understand physician usage of drugs.

Utilizing data from approximately 150,000 cancer treatments, 117,000 cancer patients and more than 12 million administrations of drug therapy, PrecisionIQ offers you instant access and timely insights, with easy-to-use graphic tools and ad-hoc reporting capabilities, to deliver rapid answers to your key business questions and provide a more consistent perspective of market dynamics.

PrecisionIQ generates insights on drivers, barriers and challenges to product utilization by taking into account real-world clinical usage by diagnosis, stage, line and/or market segment allowing you to accurately measure market changes and evaluate markets where your drug is not being used specific to lines of therapy. By having access to virtually all malignancies and the ability to examine small tumors markets at a more granular level you will have the knowledge to compare and contrast utilization with greater visualization, understand changes in the market and have insight into opportunities for growth of a particular product.