Clinical Behavior Insights

Clinical Behavior Insights

Knowledge of clinical behavior and treatment dynamics within an individual practice is key to understanding how patients of interest are being managed and the type of treatment being administered. With Insight-Driven Education you will have access to analytics that you can use to tailor your educational programs to address the unique needs of different practices, driving more appropriate treatment choices and ultimately improving patient care.

Optimize Your Drug’s Performance

With key clinical data assets, such as dispensing data, administration data and precision medicine data, you can optimize your drug’s performance by delivering differentiated education to physicians for better management and treatment of their patients. You can also benchmark toward good clinical practice based on national clinical guidelines and compare against other participating practices where your drug is being used.


Insight-Driven Education helps you understand treatment decisions at the point of care by identifying where there are patients that fit an indication for a drug, but have low usage, or when optimal durations of therapy are not being achieved.


Types of insights include:

  • Solid and hematologic tumor market views/segments
  • Total treatment share versus new patient starts
  • Drug classes, such as Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs), PARP inhibitors, and PD-1/L1s
  • Specific drug usage by line of therapy