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Advancing Specialty Care

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions was founded to help life sciences companies navigate the complexities of the specialty care market with accurate, integrated, actionable intelligence.

The IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions Difference

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions’ robust suite of drug market insights and integrated patient care intelligence solutions provides an unparalleled depth of pharmaceutical, physician and patient insights, giving Life Sciences companies an unobstructed view into treatment patterns, underutilized markets, physician-level and account-level data, as well as marketing trigger data. Through treatment analytics, life sciences companies have the ability to identify providers who treat rare conditions, while also gaining insight into competitor product usage and treatment sequencing. Our drug utilization and profiling analytics will give you unequivocal knowledge of practice-level usage behavior to identify dosing patterns, poor toxicity management and duration of therapy data. The collective power of our integrated, clinically-specific solutions renders a singular result where it matters most—enhancing the quality of care for the patient.

Our sole focus on specialty care informs our integrated analytical processes and drives our aggregating methodologies because we know that every clinical, financial and operational insight empowers smarter decision making. Through the extensive resources and reach of the AmerisourceBergen portfolio, we give life sciences companies the ability to optimize business results and maximize drug success.


InstrinsiQ Specialty Solutions was formed in 2015 when AmerisourceBergen Corporation purchased and integrated HealthTronics IT (HITS) into IntrinsiQ®, acquired in 2011. IntrinsiQ was the leading provider of medical oncology workflow solutions and the premier source of U.S. oncology data. The addition of HITS’ assets expanded IntrinsiQ’s data assets and analytics portfolio to meet the needs of life sciences companies in the specialty care setting.

Today, IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions is one of the most trusted provider of oncology and urology data and analytics and remains at the forefront of innovation in providing strategic business guidance, research network access, integrated patient care intelligence and drug market insights to help life sciences companies navigate the complexities of specialty care. Utilizing advanced analytics solutions, life sciences companies can be equipped with accurate, integrated, actionable intelligence so they can focus on what matters most: advancing specialty care.

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IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions is an AmerisourceBergen company.
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