Contract Performance Analytics

Contract Performance Analytics

Understanding what is possible and obtainable within a specific contract period along with insights into your patient and physician mix is critical to the success of your product. Our contract performance analytics will help your team:
  • Evaluate which contracts to enter into
  • Maximize opportunities
  • Guide you in contracting decisions

Evaluate Contracts and Insights to Understand Market Dynamics

Our contract feasibility analysis will evaluate the potential contracted drug(s) against your competition. With our extensive reach of sales and clinical data, you will have advanced business insights to understand your potential market share as well as clinical insights that will evaluate the adoptability of your product and analyze contract performance.

By assessing past contracts, we help determine whether rebate programs have systematic strengths in product utilization and provide contract effective data insights to analyze performance at any point in the life of the contract. You also can gain insight into clinically oriented data such as under dosing, delays in therapy start or treatment start, duration of therapy and extension in therapy and understand how these insights effect contract effectiveness.

With our contract performance analytics, we can calculate rebates and rebate estimates on a quarterly basis to help you evaluate product purchase trends, such as changes in Medicare payments, and evaluate contract changes and impact of these changes in your growing competitive market.